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The Importance of Bees

The importance of bees has never been greater than now.  There was a time not too long ago when keeping bees was an easy task.  Now we experience at the local and global level the impact of many maladies that all contribute in various degrees to COLONY COLLASPES DISORDER and AMERICAN FOUL BROOD DISEASE.

There are some theories as to why these problems exist, but one in particular reveals strong evidence that insecticides are the culprit.  If that isn’t enough to decimate the American Honey Industry, let’s consider the invasion of Africanized Bees coming from Central America or the illegal importation of substandard honey from foreign countries.

Did you know that thirty percent of what we eat exists only because honey bees pollinate our food?  The almond industry in California supplies ninety percent of the almonds to the world.  Moreover, several oil seed crops depend on pollinators, and bee pollination is required to produce the seeds of major forage and hay crops, such as alfalfa and clover, that feed the animals that supply meat and dairy products.

Honey is a great product made by the bees and is now more than ever realized for its magnificent healing qualities.  We all love the great taste of honey, especially local honey, but did you know it will help your immune system fend off allergies.  Imagine not having to take a chemical decongestant to stop your nose from running.

We all have choices to correct the problems and bring bees back to substantial numbers, our health depends  on it!

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Welcome to Bee Natural Body Products Spy Coast Bee Farm came about when  I started beekeeping in 2007 when I read my first article on “Colony Collapse Disorder”, a phenomena that causes bees to leave their hive and never return.  The honeybees’ diminishing numbers has sparked me as beekeeper of Spy Coast Bee Farm to cultivate healthy hives, bring bees into the world and educate people about the honeybee.

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In 2010, as an extension of  Spy Coast Bee Farm, I founded Bee Natural Body Care.

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